Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Or morning cuppa

Luckily I don't need a coffee to wake up in the morning. But today morning make me aware that if I want to get used to waking at 5 o'clock I have to think what I will do in this extra time. As for now I'm not used to such an early time so surely no intellectual work. My homedwellers won't be happy either if I train when they sleep. Today I thought I can just sit on a window sill, wait for the sunset and watch how my city wakes up... 

Ha, ha good joke. It was so terribly cold I couldn't resist. After 3 minutes I have to check if every part of my body sticks to the rest. Then I run to the kitchen and make this hapless coffee (and the next with tea), grab a blancket and again take my place next to the window. In that moment I realised I want a new mug. Mug that would be only mine and that would be used only in lone moments... I've looked for it in online shops and I've found some candidates

The different ones

Great idea, it must be helpful during reading a book or taking notes. I just would be afraid that I'd forgot about it and ladle everything out on my legs. Nevertheless I want to try it out. If somebody prefer another part of body there's also Knee mug.

You get a simple white mug. The trick is that self-adhesive letter stickers are added so you can write your own blackmail massage. If I buy it, it will be standing in office frdge, next to my lunch box and will warn not to touch this.

Deliverance for chilly people. There's no classic handle but you can put your hands into the mug and warm them.

Form follows data Mug Iohanna Pani

Ahh just because of sentiment (I study at geography faculty). It must be awfult to wash it

With a place for cookies this ones comes from here bur I've seen already in many places

The lovely ones

I dream about it a couple of years. And I would have to dream a couple more because of it's price. For the first time it was made in 1962 and if you seen an "Chcemy być nowocześni. Polski design" inhibition you may recognize it. 

Dishes with similar patterns were in my great-grandmother kitchen. I suppose every grandchild has its own mug because some of them have names written on them (I found my mother's but it's broken now).

Satumetsa Mug Iittala Taika with motives from finnish fairytales

Sami Rinne "Poro" i "Enkeli"

Gorgeous, especially the one with antlers but I think they're uncomfortable

The geek/fandom ones

Benedict's  and Martin's Set Mugs

Inspired by this photo from Sherlock set. They are remodelled by girls from "Wearsherlock" blog. If you like any of setpiece or wardrobe in the series and you don't know where to find it you should ask them! Seriously, they even managed to find artificial eyeballs that you can put in your afternoon cuppa.

And last Joanna Cyd Petruczenko's work which you can buy in her Etsy shop. I adore how she  turn characters from movies into little masterpieces. You can find ones that you can recognize the character an glance...

... and ones which must be watch for a moment to see that it is Tardis and Loki!


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