Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I'm a big woman and I have a big bag.
But recently I've thought it's too big. Or rather - too heavy. I don't believe in "bring everything you've got with you" rule but there must be SOMETHING in my purse that weighs a lot. I have to get rid of it but first I must name what exactly it is.

I watch what I carry in my purse everyday and I get a little bit depressed.

Standard - for friends meetings, going out to cinema etc.

  • Keys
  • Wallet and papers
  • Mobile
  • A bottle of water
  • A box with almonds
  • Mp3 player
  • A small calendar, where my drugs and most important phone numbers for me are written down 
  • A planner, where I write everything, including cooking recipes and shopping list. I almost always have it with me
  • A sponge bag (tissues, mattifying papers, concealer, lipstick, hand cream, eye drops, lozenges, travalo, samples with carex and fave cream)

It gives 3,3 kg

When I go to work I add lunch and yoghurt - I think it might be a little more than  4 kg

When I go to language classes - everything what is in standard plus student's book, workbook, notes and additional copies. I live quite close to language school so sometimes I don't take my planner- 5 kg

When I go to uni - A combo. I study full time but I've got classes only in two weekdays so I spend almost 12 hours outside my flat. Apart from standard version I take with me: a lunch, a laptop (and a charger), there are classes when I need colour pencils, rulers, tracing papers, rapidographs, ... It's like 7-8 kg

My backbone won't thank me in a couple of year. What's interesting when I fly with low-cost airline I pack my stuff (for a week) in a rucksack that is just a little bigger than my everyday bag. And it waighs the same! And during that week I don't need anything more unlike when I run across my city and think that I need a jack-knife. With 50 functions. Just in case.


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