Wednesday, 26 February 2014

[Translation: Mom didn't wake him up for Ragnarök]
Now you know why the World hasn't end today :)

The pic comes from here (x) and while reading I recommend listen to this: 

The date is completely made up. Neither in Poetic Edda nor in Prose Edda (that is in two basic sources of Nordic mythology) there's no precise day given. But you can ask people who organise Jorvik Viking Festival - great marketing campaign. Nothing sells tickets better as announcement of world's end.

And how it was supposed to look? Really attractive. Clunks, thunders, lightning, earthquakes and so on. Typical vision of aanihilation: the fight between good and bad guys. Gods and giants  under the command of Loki. If you don't know he also was a father of great wolf Fenrir (whose children would eat Sun and Moon),  Jormungand snake (whose poison would slay Thor) and a master of death valley - Hel

In short: part of giants' army would come to fight by Naglfar, a boat made entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead (you know, Vikings). The rest of them would go on foot destroying everything on their way. On the "good side" there would be gods and warriors chosen by Odin. This bloodbath would be survived only by a few of gods and a pair of human beings. And then the world would regenerate in a new, better form.

This was my fourth world annihilation. None of them wasn't a total destruction, ha, they didn't even bring any serious conflict or disaster (you know, I was hoping for Ragnarök, I have to correct my Bachelor thesis ;) My grandmother always told me that human beings didn't need any world's end or apocalipse, we menaged without it. Moreover she thinks we don't even need an open war. Maybe she's right but it is always nice to think that there is at least  one of visions says we might hope for survival.
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